The new year is fast approaching and 2014 brings with it exciting new paint colour trends. If your New Year’s resolution is to update your home, read on to discover some of our favourite paint colour trends for 2014.

Pantone is a world-renowned authority on colour trends for fashion, home decor and everything in between. We took our inspiration from Pantone’s 2014 colour forecast. According to their executive director Leatrice Eiseman, “This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium.”

To achieve this balance in your home without committing to any bold colours, we recommend you choose sand for your walls. Sand is a warm and interesting neutral that allows subtlety but eliminates the blandness of oatmeal and eggshell shades past. For those who prefer to bring colour into their home with accessories, sand makes a perfect backdrop for vibrant furniture or art work. Pantone also suggests pairing it with hemlock green to create a natural feel.

pantone-sand   pantone-hemlock-green

Just slightly more colourful than sand, placid blue is being touted as the new neutral. Placid blue is a light, calming shade modeled after a perfect summer sky. A muted, pastel shade can work in much the same way as a neutral, matching nearly anything yet adding a more unique feel than a simple white or grey. If you want to make your home more personal, choose a colour you love and try to find a neutral version of it. Pale shades are easier to work with than brights but still give your home a chic look. For example, lavender is a great colour option for the bedroom as we mentioned in our previous post Choosing the Best Paint Colours for Your Home.

For brave homeowners who want to make a statement, dazzling blue is the opposite of placid blue. This intense, rich shade adds vivacity to any room and pairs well with both pastels and other bold colours. Dazzling blue makes an impact whether you use it to paint an entire room or just one wall. It may be newly popular in 2014, but we think this strong shade will look modern for years to come.

pantone-dazzling-blue  pantone-dazzling-blue-room


While trends can serve as great inspiration, it’s important to remember that you need to feel comfortable in your home so be sure to choose new wall colours because you love them, not simply because they are stylish. There is always a way to incorporate trends into your home without taking them directly from a magazine or image you see online. For example, sand is just one colour we selected from a more broad, overall trend of warm neutrals. The same goes for placid blue. You could also use a light celery green and still be completely on trend. Or, if you like dazzling blue but a full wall is too much for you, try using it as a trim colour.

We would be happy to help you interpret these 2014 colour trends in a way that works for you. Please visit our website or contact us to learn more about our colour consulting services.