Just like you’ll want to revamp your personal look in the new year, 2018 is a great opportunity to give your home an easy and cost-efficient facelift with dramatic and engaging wallpaper designs.

Faux Effect. Make a lasting impression with wallpaper that mimics the industrial scene. Slate, brick, and wooden walls will bring new depth and life to your home. Create drama in your living room with rustic and realistic designs that offer an expensive look for less.

Rose Gold. It looks like the most popular colour of 2017 will be continuing its reign in the new year. The beautiful combination of light pink and shiny gold offers a luxurious and glamorous highlight to any room of the house.

Botanical. Take home a taste of the tropics with botanical wallpaper. Spruce up your living room with the soft layered look of branches and greenery. You will be amazed by the texture that a metallic botanical wallpaper can offer.

Safari Inspired Browns. While plain brown paint may appear more boring than bold, multi-dimensional brown and cream wallpaper can provide much needed texture and interest to a dining or living room. Touches of gold and earthy oranges amp up traditional neutrals, while still maintaining their versatility.