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Spring is here; have you started spring cleaning yet? While spring typically brings about an attitude of growth, renewal and life, it is safe to say that most spring cleaning to-do lists aren’t as glamorous. Don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t started your list yet; you are not alone!  Cleaning out the vacuum, deep cleaning the carpets and washing the windows do not evoke similar sentiments of life and living like spring typically does. So if you are feeling blue, or grey, or just lacking motivation, perhaps it’s time you looked at things a little differently, with a splash of colour. Add some life back into your home by including a fresh paint job into your spring cleaning.

Add “Painting” To Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List – Here’s Why

Colour Choice Affects Your Mood. It is amazing what a new coat of paint can do for your home both inside and out. The colour of the walls in your home can dictate ambiance in any room. Colour choice can promote chaos or relaxation; anxiety or level-mindedness; the colours you choose for your home influence how you feel on any given day. The colour of your home’s exterior is likely the first impression given to someone seeing your house for the first time.

Spring Has Ideal Weather To Paint. The mild spring weather is an ideal time to paint both the interior and exterior of your house. After a winter of snow, ice and winds, your home’s exterior paint job has likely taken a beating. Capitalize on the brighter, longer days that come along with spring and enjoy the extra light in your space. Allow the fresh spring breeze to help air out any paint smells that linger. Take advantage of this ideal painting time to begin your project.

Increase Your Home’s Value. Spring is traditionally the most popular season to buy and sell a home. Even if you are not planning on selling, adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior and exterior of your home will automatically increase its value and financial return. A revamp of your home’s colours brightens up your space and makes it more appealing to those on the outside looking in.

Rejuvenate Your Home. Much like clothing trends, paint colours go out of style. While mint was a popular colour in 2016, it is now outdated and is less attractive to the common eye. Staying up-to-date with the current colour trends will increase your home’s allure.

Need a little bit of inspiration for your spring painting session? Here are a few paint colours from Benjamin Moore that we think are perfect for a 2018 spring revamp.

  • Viking Yellow
  • Blue Grass
  • Storm
  • Pleasant Pink

For colour theme ideas for your new paint job this spring, check out our Painting Ideas page for some inspiration.

Ready To Start Your Spring Cleaning?

This job is meant for more than one person. No one should have to do it alone. Contact Flying Colours Precision Painting Services for a professional interior or exterior paint job. View our full list of painting services on our website.

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