contemporary purple bathroom with white bathtub

contemporary purple bathroom with white bathtub

The bathroom is a very important place within the home; it’s the first place most people go into when they wake up and the last place they go to before going to bed. Some┬ápeople may not believe that paint colour and decor choice in the bathroom makes a difference, however this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The first step in creating a beautiful bathroom is to decide on a color. Choosing a bathroom color is a little different for most people than picking a bedroom color. This is because most think in limited terms when it comes to the bathroom. It is unusual to see bright or dramatic colors in this all so important room. Instead, more muted colors are often chosen. While there is nothing wrong with painting a bathroom beige, there’s no reason to be afraid to be a little more bold.

If one’s style is more sophisticated and dramatic, it’s worth considering a deep, darker color for the bathroom. A dark red or dark brown can create a dramatic statement and more refined feel in a bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, using white or light fixtures can help to balance the room and keep it from feeling too dark. Adding a colorful mosaic piece or floral arrangement adds the finishing touch to bring the whole bathroom together.

For a cleaner, more cottage-styled look for one’s bathroom, choose from lighter khaki colors such as yellows or light blues. Once again, white fixtures would be a beautiful compliment to these paint colors and would all work together to create a light and airy feel to your bathroom. This style would work well for large or small bathrooms. However, lighter paint colors such as these will help a smaller bathroom not look so small.

One popular trend for bathroom decor is attempting to capture the colors of the beach. Light blues accented by the beautiful colors of sand create a feeling of peace and serenity. Add large glass containers filled with sand dollars or white starfish to pull the whole look together.”

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