Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

When it comes to certain things in life sometimes people believe that because it appears to be simple and could be done quickly that they should take on the task themselves. Sometimes this is indeed the case, and other times it isn’t. The painting of your home/business should fall into the latter category.

Painting is rather technical and in order to have it look professionally done it’s best to leave all painting jobs to the professionals. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional painting company for your home/business painting projects:


Professional painters have the advantage of experience that reflects in their work. When you hire a pro, you can expect perfectly finished walls at all times. While you may achieve medium to average finishes with a DIY job, it can’t compare to a professional painter’s job. Professionals also have the right tools for the job, which helps them achieve smooth surfaces. You need stepladders or extension ladders, the right brushes, scaffolds, rollers and other tools for a good paint job. For a DIY job, you will need to either buy or rent these tools, but without proper know-how, you might still not get the same quality of end results as professional painters might with their experience, expertise and the right paint tools.


DIY paint jobs may save you the initial cost of hiring a professional painter. But in the long run, you can save much more money with a professional at the helm of the painting work.Professionals do a better job so your paint will last longer and you won’t need to freshen up your walls within a short period of time. Painters also know how to mix the paints right; the correct quantities and also choose the right colours at the start of the job. They also bring their own tools so you don’t need to spend money on buying or renting them. All these ultimately save you money in the long run.

Post paint cleanup

Your DIY paint job also includes cleaning up all the mess after each session or else you will end up painting more surfaces that you intended at the start. Professional painters make less mess to begin with and always cleanup after the job is done.

Saves time

It might not be possible for homeowners to tackle DIY jobs at a stretch given the needs of the work and family responsibilities. Your DIY paint job may take days or even weeks while a professional painter can finish the job in day or two or more depending on the amount of work. They’re also committed to getting the job done right the first time, giving you a completed and professional finish.”

For all of your home/business painting projects make sure you contact Flying Colours, your Ottawa professional painting services specialist.