Prepping Your Home For Sale

  Prepping Your Home For Sale Moving is an inevitable part of life, whether it be a change in the economy, change of environment/scenery, upgrading or even downsizing. Many people move because of jobs, being willing to go where the work is, no matter what,…

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Paint and Renovate Correctly

  Changing paint colors is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add a fresh new look to the interior or exterior of a home. Both exterior and interior paint can be used to protect homes and make strong impressions. Painting projects are…

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Add Value to Your Home

Add Value to Your Home Homeowners choose renovation projects for a variety of reasons. Although many improvements are made to increase functionality and comfort of a home, several others are seen as worthwhile investments. These investments can add up to a higher resale value when…

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Unique Faux Painting Techniques

Faux Painting is a specialty at Flying Colours, and we are always looking for new techniques and styles to show our clients! Faux painting requires a special  brush technique to create the illusion of texture and/or different materials on your walls. There are various styles…

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Painting for Kids

    Since colours can evoke different feelings and moods, it's very important to be mindful to which hue you want to surround yourself with. Particularly focusing on painting a child’s room, different colours can influence how your child rests and plays. Unlike painting your…

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