Colour is an important element in the design of your home, and the colours you choose to paint your walls can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of each room. It is important to choose colours that suit your style and flow with other aspects of your home decor. Colour psychology suggests the colour of a room can even affect the feelings it evokes.

Below you will find suggestions for the best colours to paint walls in different areas of your home:


Yellow is perfect for kitchens because its bright and cheerful tones mimic those of sunshine, creating an uplifting and energizing space. Many people start their day by walking to the kitchen and pouring a cup of coffee or making breakfast. Yellow walls will provide a needed boost of energy whether it’s to wake you up first thing in the morning, or motivate you to finish washing those last dishes after dinner.

Another reason to choose yellow for your kitchen is that it complements most types of wood cabinets and has the ability to visually expand small spaces.






Dining Room

Red is a classic colour choice for dining areas as it is thought to stimulate appetite. If you like to have friends and family over for dinner and want to encourage a balance between a great meal and great conversation, this bold colour choice could be right for you. Red is said to instill confidence and promote alertness, meaning even your most shy or tired guests will enjoy socializing.

Red can be very versatile; create a traditional look by combining red walls with rich woods and neutrals or go modern by mixing them with stainless steel and cool gray tones.


Living Room

Orange is a great colour for your living room or other any other gathering space where you want people to feel welcome to stay and talk. Orange is considered to be warm, inviting, and joyful which is why it is commonly used in interior design to stimulate conversation in common areas.

Aside from the emotions thought to be attached to the colour, orange’s brightness causes it to spring forward from your walls literally making your room appear more intimate.



Lavender is part of the cool colour family making it a beautiful shade for your bedroom walls because it is thought to be peaceful and calming. Unlike your kitchen or dining room where you spend time with company, your bedroom is a private space to relax and, of course, sleep. A lavender colour scheme is gentle and will not interfere with your shut eye.

Combine lavender walls with accents in earth tones to create the feeling of a serene retreat in your bedroom.


These guidelines are only meant as inspiration for getting started on your home’s interior colour scheme. It is important to choose paint colours that will work for your unique taste and fit with your home’s needs.

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