Life is full of decision making; certain decisions definitely take precedence over others, but the notion of having to come to a decision you are comfortable with that will also be in the best interest of everyone (if multiple parties could be affected by it).

Deciding on colours with which to paint your home or business with is something that takes some careful consideration. Here are some common mistakes that people tend to make when choosing a paint colour:

Picking your paint colour first

If you pick the paint colour first, you can really pin yourself in a corner as far as finding the right things to match. Get the room planned and then select the paint to support all of the other things going on in your space. You can take your colour cues from fabrics, whether it’s accent pillows or an occasional chair that has a pattern or print to it. That’s usually my jumping off point for selecting a color for a space.

Losing sight of emotional goal

People say things like, ‘My favorite colour is red, I’m going to put that in my bedroom,’ but what they really ultimately wanted was a space that was relaxing and calm, so there’s a disconnect between picking colours and what the space is intended for. If you want a room that’s really serene, you might want to look at cool colours on the colour wheel, like blue and green; if you’re looking for something energetic and exciting, warmer colours like yellows and oranges.

Not considering the space as a whole

Even if it’s a small apartment, transitioning color from one room to the next can be tricky and it doesn’t flow well if you’ve got bright orange in one room and bright pink in another. Use other things to bring the spaces together.

For all painting projects it’s important to take your time and make all colour choosing decisions carefully. To ensure that the job is done expertly and in a timely manner make sure to contact Flying Colours, your Ottawa professional painting specialist.