If you are someone who likes staying in style and up to date with trends, then knowing the “colour of the year” is of utmost importance! Pantone is the master of colour guides, as they release a new series of “it” colours every year that set the tone for designs to come, whether it be interior designers or fashion designers. The 2017 colour of year was declared “Greenery”, a zesty mix of yellow and green.

The colour “Greenery” symbolizes many things, first stating the obvious of new beginnings and nature. As the colour was declared in the new-year, it initially resembles a fresh start. With spring just around the corner it ties in perfectly with the idea of what they refer to as the three “R’s”, Revive, Renew and Restore.

While “Greenery” symbolizes nature, it’s also meant as a deeper reminder to all consumers in our urban, modernized world to take a step back, breathe and reinvigorate themselves. Since “going green” is trending, the colour perfectly aligns with reconnecting with nature and creating better lifestyle choices.

The meaning behind “Greenery” is very inspirational, as well as being a gorgeous colour that brightens any room and uplifts the spirits. Use “Greenery” in your kitchen, bathroom or statement walls throughout your home, as well as “Greenery” accessories that will create that pop of colour! To get the “Green-over” contact Flying Colours Painting, your painting experts to get the job done right.