Flying Colours Painting is passionate about painting. We promise to provide top quality services on all levels, from colour consulting to post-paint clean-up. We take into detail each specifications and needs that each client will require. While we do an abundance of home painting services, we also provide commercial painting services, such as office spaces, restaurants and storefront exteriors. Each of these commercial spaces requires different schedules, planning and painting techniques, which we are happy to provide!

Office Space: We ensure proper scheduling and paint quality to provide a comfortable and efficient painting service to your office space. We can work around a desired schedule to paint while the office isn’t in use (after hours), as well as using specific low or zero-VIC paint for reduced emissions to improve the indoor air quality while we are painting.

Restaurant Painting: We believe a new paint job for a restaurant can truly improve the atmosphere and experience of your business! We can help consult with design/paint opportunities for your space, as well as proper technical planning for your restaurant. We will use proper air quality paint, as well as carefully working around safety zones.

Store-Front Painting: Store-front painting can be a whole other ballpark when it comes to commercial painting. There are many technical and aesthetic obstacles to go over before painting a store front. We will help consult on colour and design ideas for exterior features, as well technical painting services for exterior details such as trims and accents. We ensure careful preparation on site, including protection for areas not to be painted.

Your business’s interior and exterior design should be taken care of just as well as your home’s! A new paint job can do wonders to an¬†atmosphere and experience, making it crucial for your commercial space¬†to be in tip-top shape! Flying Colours Painting will provide your home or business with full services for any of your painting needs.