Painting the interior of your home provides so many options and opportunities to get creative and show your personal style. On the other hand, this may seem more difficult when painting the exterior of your house. The exterior paint colours you choose should, of course, represent your personality, as well tie in the design and location of your house. As colour consulting experts, we have provided paint colour options to consider when painting the exterior of your home:

Landscape/Climate: Certain colours may suit a climate more then others, with specific landscape attributes accenting colours. For example, pastels and brighter colours may suit warmer, sunnier climates, since the sun will intensify and brighten any colours. In cooler climates, cooler colours can fit in beautifully, with dark green landscapes. Colours such as soft green and white tend to be favourites.

Architecture: It’s important to take into consideration the architecture and design of your home, as well as the era it was built/designed. A Victorian style home may look odd with bright colours; in this case soft neutrals will accentuate your homes traditional detailing (which will pop out nicely with statement colours).

Statement Colours: In any case, you want your house to stand out and be special to you! Statement colours, much like interior walls, can make a huge impact! When choosing colours for the outside of your home, we suggest sticking with a maximum of three colours. Using the brightest of the colours for the details, such as trimming, window sills, design and even your door.

It’s a big process painting the outside of your house, but it will make all the difference when giving your home the update it needs! With Flying Colours Painting we can provide you with full services, from colour consultation to preparation and painting services.