Your home, and its exterior paint job, is an extension of you. The colour of your house is a first impression for anyone walking down your street. With the arrival of warmer weather, it is time to take a step outside and evaluate your home’s exterior paint. But when is the best time of year for exterior paint work? This article will help to answer that question. 

When Is the Best Time of Year For Exterior Paint Work?

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Here in Ottawa, we experience pretty extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s a -30C winter or a +40 summer day, these extreme weather conditions, of course, are not ideal for exterior paint jobs. Extreme temperatures, as well as too much moisture in the air can severely inhibit the exterior painting process by delaying curing or causing blisters throughout the paint – even if it has already dried!

The simple answer is to pick a time of year when the weather is consistent and has low humidity. The beginning of June is a particularly great time of year to paint in Ottawa because he weather tends to be warm, but not yet scorching, and less humid than the coming summer months. The rain is typically scarce and the return of more pleasant weather during late spring helps to make a usually grinding task a little more enjoyable.

June is also a great time of year to paint because of its longer days; more sunlight means more working hours in a day, so your paint job will be complete in no time!

Be sure to contact Flying Colours Precision Painting Services sooner than later to book your exterior painting team. Early summer tends to be a peak time for our painters for all of the above reasons, so call us at 613-316-0758 to guarantee that your house will be revamped by our team of professional painters.