Feng Shui is the practice of creating a positive balance of energy in any given space through the different elemental signs.  The practices of Feng Shui are widely popular in creating a harmonious, positive design in ones home or office. There are many tips and tricks to achieving perfect Feng Shui, and a lot of it comes down to the colours in a home:

Bedrooms: Earth tones, flesh tones pastels including light sages and colours that are more muted.

Bedrooms should be calm spaces to promote rest and rejuvenation. The earth element is best in bedrooms to support being grounded.

Bathrooms: Earth tones, pastels, whites

Bathrooms already have a lot of the water element represented by mirrors along with water from the pipes. More blues adds more water, creating an even greater in-balance. Earth, however, balances the water element in the five elements cycle and brings this very watery room back into elemental balance.

Kitchen: Earth tones as well as brighter colours

Kitchens should be happy active (Yang) spaces but they also already have a lot of fire and water. The best element to balance both is the earth element represented by earth tones and terra-cottas.

Living Room: Same as Bedrooms and Dining rooms. Make them cozy and earthy with more muted colours.

Offices: Brighter colours are fine for these more active (Yang) spaces. Choose any colour that you love.

Home offices should be more active so that you can get things done. You can use the bolder colours here.

Create the right energy for each room in your home or office through the use of Feng-Shui! Flying Colours Painting, your paint experts, will help in creating the perfect space for you.