Painting your home should be a chance to get creative and have fun. Move away from the norm and take a chance with your painting techniques! We’ve all heard about the classic statement wall, but what about giving it a twist and having a statement hallway? The hallways in your home are basically the “routes” to the rooms of your house, and they should have equal amounts of attention when re-decorating.

There are endless opportunities to give the pieces of your home a statement colour to stand out and add to your home décor. These are some of our favourites:

Go bold: A trend we keep seeing everywhere is the bold wallpaper trends for small spaces, more specifically; hallways. It can be a complementing detail to your home and adds a touch of quirky elegance. Think “Wes-Anderson” designs when picking your wallpaper print and go for deep colours to add some depth.

Be Unexpected: Don’t feel like having a bright blue living room, but you love that trendy turquoise shade? Surprise everyone and paint your hallway any vibrant colour you want! It’s a great way to accent a colour scheme in a home without going too overboard.

Feel it: Go for a textured hallway to change things up, or at least the “textured” look. Whether it is a wallpapered illusion or faux painting techniques.

Ditch the drab, feature-less hallways of your past and add some sizzle to your house! Reach out to Flying Colours Painting, your painting experts, to bring some colour to your halls!