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Last month we discussed the best time of year to paint your home’s exterior. Now that summertime is here, it is time to put your exterior paint plan into action. The next question is: what colour should you paint your home? As always, there are a few details to consider. Read on to learn more about exterior paint colour selection for your home. 

What Colour Should You Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Your home’s exterior paint job should definitely be a reflection of your personal style. The number one factor to consider when choosing what colour is best for a home’s exterior paint is your personal preference. Do you love the colour pink? Why not be bold and paint your home pink? 

Perhaps your personal style includes more hushed tones that blend in with the general colour of your neighbourhood. Matching the aesthetic of your neighbourhood is definitely a great choice as well. Painting your home’s exterior a colour that ties in well with the design and location of your home is pleasing to the eye. If your house’s exterior design ties in well with the rest of the neighbourhood, your home’s value can increase when selling. Who knew?

Inspiration for Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Benjamin Moore recommends forming an exterior palette around consistent elements of your home. Consistent elements include roofing materials, bricks and stone. Since colours change depending on how the light hits them, test out colours in inconspicuous places to make sure your colour choice looks great in any light. Benjamin Moore also suggests low lustre finishes for exterior paint work, because it hides imperfections and creates a glossy finish.

Check out the 23 colour trends from Benjamin Moore for 2018 for exterior paint inspiration or bring your own inspiration. When it comes to what colour is best for a home’s exterior paint, the choices are all yours!

Now that you have the tools to help you decide when and what to paint, it is time to transform your home’s exterior. Our painting experts can help you navigate colour families and collections. Flying Colours provides a professional and high-quality painting service that covers every step of the process. From the scraping and sanding to the cleanup and final inspection, we have you covered.

Be sure to contact Flying Colours Precision Painting Services to book our painting team and have your home ready for summer.