It’s almost 2017 and with the start of a new year comes reflection of the current year and looking ahead to the future. If you were able to achieve all of your goals (and then some) make sure to do what you did this past year and amp it up a little, for even greater results. If 2016 wasn’t quite what you wanted it to be, 2017 offers a clean slate to start anew.

When it comes to painting a room in your home or giving your office a needed refresh you’d be surprised at how far paint can go toward transforming that space into something completely different. Here are some of the ways in which paint can change a room:

“Increase your sense of space

If your home is on the smaller side, it’s important to avoid colours that close in on you. Neutrals – whites, beiges and creams – can offer a sense of spaciousness, making walls and ceilings appear further away.

Pops and Splashes

Colour doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you love vibrant colour but want to maintain a sense of space, choose neutral walls and ceilings and add a few cheerful splashes, such as a cobalt blue window frame or a yellow pantry door. Soft furnishings can also be a great way to try out bright colour schemes without committing fully.

A vibrant fifth wall

Speaking of introducing colour, we’ve all heard of feature walls. If you’re looking for something more unique you could try a feature ceiling. A warm colour up above can be soothing, making it great for bedrooms and living rooms. You can keep the walls neutral to maintain a sense of space. This works best with high ceilings and light-filled rooms.”

Regardless of the type of room you have, what it’s used for and the paint colours you choose when you decide to brighten up your space make sure to contact Flying Colours, your Ottawa professional painting specialist.