You don’t have to leave your house to shop for ‘new’ furniture. That special piece could be sitting in your very own home collecting dust as you read this! Customize it with something as simple and effective as paint. Come on over to Flying Colours Painting, grab your favourite paint colours, and START THE CAR!

If you need to fill up space and don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, hop on Kijiji – even an old used IKEA item can be refurbished and look expensive.  One person’s garbage can be another’s treasure, as the good old saying goes. Not only will it look original, but you can call it your own now that you’ve added a personal touch.

“I love that! Is it from Restoration Hardware?” will be music to your ears…because you’ve nailed the look for much less.

Here are 5 simple tips to spruce up your furniture with paint:

1. Apply painter’s tape before painting a striped pattern.

2. Paint overlays 

3. Paint your hardware 

4. Apply new hardware to a newly painted piece like in this before/after

5. Paint old leather furniture!

This is a more cost-effective method of staying on trend. Paint is less expensive than buying new pieces. If you choose classic colours, the longer it will last decor wise, but don’t be afraid to have fun with it – after all, it’s just paint!

Have any questions about which colours are best suited in your home? Speak to one of our experts today: http://paintottawa.websharktesting.cacontact-us/