The power of colour is a magical thing! It’s amazing to think the palette of a space can genuinely change the way you feel and perform. As the weather gets warmer, and the sun gets brighter, we totally strive to go bolder and brighter, as well as using a colour that will make you feel like 100 bucks every time you walk in a room. Different colours can you make you feel different things…calm, productive, cozy etc. We want to focus on what colours can boost your mood and create a happy, joyful atmosphere all around!

Red: Red is a powerful colour that can mean many things – some opposing of each other. On one hand, Red can symbolize danger and anger, but it can also excite the system. The vibrancy of the colour red stimulates the mind, creating confidence and excitement.

Green: Green is known to inspire productiveness and energy in a room. The calming colour represents a fresh outlook on new beginnings, wealth and new possibilities…perfect for the start of a new season!

Yellow: Yellow is by far the most cheerful and energetic colour you can use in a room. Yellow represents sunshine and joy, instantly brightening the mood of any space.

Orange: Orange inspires movement and activeness! Like red, it’s a strong colour but is great at catching attention and creating productiveness. Orange is the most often used colour in advertising as it draws people to a call to action.

From the list above, we can conclude the most joyful and energetic colours to spruce up a space are the warmer shades; these will instantly create a more positive atmosphere and get you moving for spring and summer! If you are looking for a new and exciting paint job, contact Flying Colours Painting to get the job done right!