Despite the name, wallpaper can make a statement anywhere, not just a basic wall installation. When designing your home, you should use every chance you get to decorate and give your space a personality, even the most unlikely of places. Some of the most fun and creative ways you can use wallpaper in your home are:

Stairs: The stairs in your home can very easily be overlooked as a place for design opportunities. Adding a cool design or splash of colour to the risers of your stairs can add a whole other level of flair and create a bold centrepiece.

Cabinets/ Closets: Add a splash of surprise when people open up a cabinet or closet in your home by wallpapering the interior! This will be an adorable accent piece in your home, especially if you have glass doors, or a walk in closet.

Statement Pieces:  We are all familiar will the statement wall when painting, and the same goes with wallpaper! Using wallpaper to make an area in your home stand out is a perfect statement piece, such as above a fireplace or paneling around the room.

Wall Art: If you are in need of some serious creative inspiration for your walls, wallpaper cut outs are perfect! Using a template, simply cut out the shape on the wallpaper and administer on the walls. This is ideal for a children’s room, or a DIY wall mural!

Don’t be afraid to try something  new when decorating your home, and take a chance with creative wallpapers. For your wallpaper installation and removal contact Flying Colours Paint, your painting and decorating experts.