portrait of painter man with paintroller and wooden vintage ladder showing a color palette, on half painted wall

Paint is a beautiful, colourful and vibrant way to express emotions and convey feelings; it goes beyond simply changing the colour of a room. Choosing the right paint can make the difference in how a particular room feels and the subsequent environment that is created around it.

When it comes to choosing paint, quality matters. “The economic benefits of high-quality paint can be seen up front as well. If you’re purchasing paint for a painter to use, the color blocking ability of a quality paint will be better, leading to fewer coats, less material to buy, and lower labor costs. As Campbell said, “spending that extra bit for a better grade will save you time in only having to apply one or two coats versus three or four.” Young told us that “[cheap paint] is much more water-like and covers poorly.” If you’re doing the painting yourself, a paint with better coverage leads to less time painting.”

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