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Mother’s Day is around the corner and as this day approaches, so does dreaded thought: “What do I get her this year?” This year, give your mom the most practical gift she’s ever received: a Mother’s Day Makeover. No – we are not talking about the typical manicure, facial or spa day. We think the most memorable Mother’s Day makeover is a home makeover that starts with a fresh paint job.

Whether her home’s paint job is outdated, faded or in need of a change, your mom will be thrilled with the gift of a painting service. Bring in the Flying Colours Painting team and let your mom sit back and relax while all the hard work is done for her. After our team leaves, all that is left to do is enjoy the results of your home’s transformation.

Perks of a Mother’s Day Makeover For Your Home

Here are a few reasons why your mom (and the whole household!) will benefit for a fresh coat of paint.

  • Improved mood
  • Improved health from better air quality (fresh paint keeps dust at bay)
  • Protection from wear-and-tear, both inside and out of the home
  • Higher real estate value

Why Mom Will Love A Mother’s Day Home Makeover

She Can Relax. For once, mom can kick back and relax while the Flying Colours team takes care of everything. We do all the work from the colour consultation to the final clean-up. 

It Is a Luxury. Moms do enough around the house – anyone can attest to that. Take some of the housework load off of her shoulders and enlist some help from our team. What better way to celebrate a day just for moms than having somebody else do all the work and while she simply reaps the benefits? 

The Gift That Keeps On Giving. A mother’s day makeover for your mom’s home will last much longer than your typical gifted manicure. A fresh exterior paint job can last anywhere from 6-8 years, while an interior paint job can last up to 15 years! A fresh coat of paint is a gift that your mom can enjoy for years to come.

Choose from our large selection of painting services to satisfy your mom’s ideal paint job. Every job starts with a colour consultation to make sure you have chosen the perfect colours for your space. Whether your mom has a dream of a new interior paint job, a fresh exterior paint job, new wallpaper or even a textured ceiling, we can give your mother the home makeover she needs.

Contact the Flying Colours team for your Mother’s Day painting quote and make it the best Mother’s Day ever. 

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