It is no surprise to many of us that colour affects mood. Pablo Picasso said it best: “colours […] follow the changes of the emotions.” And while many of us are not professional artists tasked with choosing the most relevant colour scheme for our latest work of art, many of us do own homes and have to decide on the best colour for each room. Of course, selecting a colour that works with your decor and the latest colour trends is important. Being aware of how colours affect mood should be just as crucial in your decision.

Why Does Colour Affect Mood?

Though research in the area of psychology and colour is still underdeveloped, it is evident that colour is a “powerful communication tool” that can “influence mood and cause physiological reactions” (Leach, 2016). The way colour makes us feel is deeply rooted in our own anecdotal experiences. For example, for some people, warm colours like red, orange and yellow evoke feelings of comfort. For others, the same shades might be reminiscent of hostility or anger.

Our interpretation of colours and their effect on our moods are also due to our culture. For example, in many North American cultures, white is a symbol of purity and innocence, while in European culture, white is a sign of mourning. As we age and develop, our interpretations of colours develop and eventually, can affect our mood.

How Colour Affects Mood

As mentioned earlier, the way colour affects mood can vary from person to person. Colour associations are not universal, but some colours instill a general feeling in most people. Listed below are a few common colours, how their presence in your home may affect how you feel and which rooms in your home may benefit from this colour the most.

Red is often associated with warmth and comfort. Although it can evoke feelings of aggression and boldness, using it in moderation can be very rewarding. Since red is also associated with romance, a red accent wall in your bedroom can help to set the mood.

In chromotherapy (the use of colours to heal), orange increases energy levels. A bright shade of orange used in your children’s play area can create a fun, refreshing and creative space. Darker shades of orange can be reminiscent of the comfort of fall, so painting your living space or just an accent wall in that space can give your room an overall feeling a warmth.

Yellow is an energizing colour. It communicates friendliness and positivity. Use shades of yellow in your bathroom to uplift your spirits as your get ready for work in the morning. Yellow is very welcoming to guests, to painting your entertainment space yellow will help make you a great host. An office is not a suitable space for yellow paint because it’s bright colours can tire the eyes.

Green, for many people, is associated with nature. Because of its connection to nature, green can promote feelings of peace and relaxation. Any room in your home could benefit from green walls: your bedroom, living room, office or kitchen. Green would suit any space that needs a natural-feel or a little more peace.

Blue is another calming, serene colour. Blue helps to stimulate productivity, so a home office is a great place to add a splash of blue. It is also a reliable colour for many people, so painting your bedroom or bathroom blue might help to start your day off on a confident note.

Neutral colours like black, grey, white and brown are very common in households because they are flexible. Painters and decorators can add many other colours to an already neutral space to either liven things up or calm things down depending on what your space needs.

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