Interior of a cafe.

They may not seem like they are connected whatsoever (especially considering the fact that there are restaurants that exist where you dine completely in the dark), but the paint colour on the wall can affect how you eat.

When you think about it a bit more thoroughly, it makes a lot of sense; if the way things are coloured can affect our mood, then why not our appetites? “Just like when designing your menu, it’s important to remember that color and design may affect customer behavior — and that takes precedence over your favorite colour.

Some theories may seem cliched and outdated, but there’s still something to be said about certain colours being simply more appetizing than others. Always ask yourself what you would like your customers to do and how you would want them to feel — and which colours are best for that.”

Here are some different colours and how they may affect eating habits:

Yellows are often seen as irritating or disturbing tones and are actually used by fast food restaurants in order to encourage people to eat quickly and leave. Shades of yellow are important too — yellow green shades may be more unpleasant in an eating environment than bright yellows. Generally bright yellows and reds lend themselves well to an energetic vibe, not encouraging people to sit and relax, so the use of this color would depend on the type of atmosphere that you are building.

Earth tones or rich reds are best for fine dining restaurants, especially when combined with deep wood tones. When overused, however, they can be an irritant, just like yellows. To create a more intimate environment in a larger space such as a banquet hall, dark, profound reds are a good idea. Reds and yellows are often great colors for accessories and accents within a restaurant, adding punch and playfulness to more subdued colors.

Understandably associated with nature, health food restaurants often use green and Earth tones to draw a connection. The obvious association with nature is also the reason that people generally feel quite relaxed in green rooms and may actually feel intuitively that the food being served is healthy and fresh. Green shades with earth tones create a relaxed atmosphere and encourage patrons to sit down, relax and stay awhile — while possibly continuing to order food or drinks.’

By creating the optimal atmosphere based on the type of food (and desired target audience being catered to), a particular experience can be created that will set the tone for the brand of the restaurant. If you’re the owner of a restaurant and feel that the current colours aren’t helping to achieve your goal, or you’re a new restaurateur looking to create the best atmosphere make sure to contact Flying Colours Painting, your Ottawa professional painting specialist.