For a seamless finish when you paint a room, you want to make sure all the nooks and crannies are fully covered. There are some tricky spots in a house that can be a pain to properly paint…luckily we know just the way to get them! Check out these hard-to-reach areas, and how to paint them thoroughly:

Radiators: Radiators can be quite the annoyance when painting a room. While older homes are more likely to have them, you should still know the tricks to paint behind exposed piping if needed. A regular sized roller brush will not cut it, so investing or DIYing in your own small roller (generally 4”) will work. Cover the backside of the radiator with plastic wrapping and be sure the heat is turned off and completely cooled.

Cupboards: Similar to the radiator, it can be very difficult to fit into the tight spaces of a cupboard. The best tools to use is, a small roller and an angled paintbrush. Use the angled brush to cut into the corners, and the small roller to reach the larger surfaces on the top and bottom of the shelves. Be sure to always remove the previous finish from the shelves before painting, by either sanding or a de-glosser.

Detailed Trim: Trims have creases and corners that will need some attention before painting. First use a primer to let the paint properly coat the surface, since the trim is prone to dust and imperfections. Since trims, especially the floor boards, are more susceptible to bumps and wear there may be cracks or nicks in the surface. Make sure you caulk any imperfections for a smooth finish, from there painting is a go!

We want your paint job to perfect, details and hard to reach places included! For a professional paint job contact Flying Colours Painting, your paint experts.