We love staying in the loop for cool tips on how to enhance or transform a room through painting. We’ve touched on tips on how to paint to change the size and shape of a room, but there are other factors to consider as well, such as light and intimacy. Here are some unique ways to change up a room through painting techniques:

High Gloss

 Choose high gloss: The late design legend Albert Hadley was known to paint ceilings with a reflective lacquer that would instantly brighten any room.

Go pink: A closely guarded secret for many designers, painting your ceilings an understated shade of pink creates a flattering glow that warms light and subtly improves the appearance of your guests’ skin.

Add subtle texture: Adding a delicate effect, such as the faux-suede walls seen in the living room of this New York apartment by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, creates a cocooning effect that immediately increases the coziness quotient in any interior.

Consistent Colour

Keep it consistent: Paint walls and molding the same colour, as seen here in a New York townhouse, for a seamless look that enlarges a room while maintaining its intimacy.

There you have it, some funky tips on how to change up your space with colours and textures. We’ll keep you updated on unique painting tips as they come along! For any painting jobs, contact Flying Colours Painting, your paint experts.