Patio season is upon us! This can mean your patio may need some serious TLC after the harsh winter. Rain and snow can cause a patio paint job to fade, crack and chip away. Painting a patio requires some special strategy and preparation for a job well done – A job Flying Colours Painting is qualified to do! When painting a patio you must follow these steps:

  1. Clean the patio: Removing any dirt and debris from the surface will allow the paint to bond strongly for the coming season.
  2. Apply the paint: After choosing the colour, give the patio a solid coating with a high quality paint- preferably weather resistant. Paint over several times, using thin layers and allowing each coat to fully dry before adding another.
  3. Clean the patio again: This will again remove any dirt or dust accumulated.
  4. Apply a sealer: Roll over a protectant sealer over the entire area, using multiple coats- again allowing it to dry fully between. There is no such thing as too much sealer.

Get ready for the favourite season of patio drinks and BBQS with the family with a fresh looking patio! Contact Flying Colours Paint to get the job done well done that will last you for seasons to come!