Since colours can evoke different feelings and moods, it’s very important to be mindful to which hue you want to surround yourself with. Particularly focusing on painting a child’s room, different colours can influence how your child rests and plays. Unlike painting your own bedroom, you may want to think about different attributes when painting a child’s room such as best sleep quality and age neutral qualities. Here are the best colours for a child’s bedroom:

Blue: Blue decreases feelings of anxiety and aggression and lowers blood pressure and heart rates. Children who experience tantrums or other behavioural problems may appreciate the soothing effects of a blue room.

Yellow: Most of us associate yellow with feelings of happiness and cheerfulness. Studies also pair this bright and cheery colour with motivation; softer yellows can aid concentration, while brighter ones can increase memory.

Orange: This warm, friendly and youthful colour is actually great for children since it’s said to encourage confidence, extroversion and independence. The social nature of this colour also puts children and their friends at ease, inspiring communication and cooperation.

Have fun painting your kid’s room, it’s a great chance to get creative and design an inspiring room for your child to grow up in! For professional painting services, contact Flying Colours Paint, your paint experts.