Paint can change more than just the aesthetics and mood of a room; it can actually affect the way one sees shape and size. There are specific tricks when painting that will change the perception of your room, whether you want it to appear larger, more cozy, longer etc. Some painting tips to trick the viewers eyes are:

To make a room larger paint it white: There’s truth in the old interior design trick that white makes a room look larger. Bring space to cramped quarters by painting the entire room in bright white. White surfaces are reflective, hence they bounce light all around a room.

Paint your ceilings to add some height: Give your low ceiling a lift by extending your ceiling down the wall. Mark a line around the perimeter of the room four to six inches down from the ceiling. Fill in that area with your light ceiling paint colour. You’ve just increased the height of your ceiling with this handy paint trick!

 Paint end walls to lengthen a room: Say you’ve got a short rectangular room you would like to visually lengthen. This can easily be achieved by painting one of the shorter end walls with a light colour. Choose a shade several degrees darker and use it on the remaining three walls.

Paint warm colours to cozy up a large room: If you have a cavernous room, paint can also cozy it up. Choose warm wall colours to bring the walls and ceiling in. This will make the space feel smaller and more intimate.

 You don’t need to be limited by the constraint of your walls. Paint can create welcome illusions that allow you to change your home, as you like. Consult with Flying Colours Painting, your painting experts; to make your painting visions come true.