Painting a home is a big job, and it can often seem very daunting when wrapping your head around all the steps that follow. While we first and foremost recommend hiring a professional painting company, as it will lift the load off your shoulders tremendously, it is important to know important paint preparation steps before you get down to the dirty work. Here are preparation steps to follow:

  • Remove all and any furniture from the room, including wall fixtures, light fixtures and cabinets (if possible). this will ensure none of your furniture gets ruined and a seamless paint job can be administered.
  • Clean the walls. This will remove any dirt or grease that might cause a problem with the paint bonding to the walls.
  • Smooth and fill in any holes or uneven areas on your walls.
  • Prime, prime, prime! Primer will hide any imperfections left on your walls and allow for a more vibrant paint colour.

These painting preparations will ensure that your walls are taken care of and that you can have the best paint job as possible. For professional painting services and preparations, be sure to contact Flying Colours Painting, your paint experts.