When it comes to creating the perfectly painted space, there are many things to consider such as paint quality and type, size of the room that is going to be painted, function of the room that is going to be painted, etc.

While the painting experience can be fun when it’s a DIY project, the best way to achieve the vision of your project before you even get it started is to hire/consult with a professional painting company. Regardless of the choice you ultimately end up making, here are some great tips from the pros that should be considered.

“Mental Focus Matters

More than a few pro painters I know talk about some version of what I call the “zen” of painting. It’s all about pushing aside all the many other thoughts bouncing around in your head, focussing only on that one square yard of wall or ceiling in front of you. It sounds simple, but it makes for better results with less mess.

Primer Quality Differs More Than Paint Quality

According to the pros, top formulations of latex paints are almost indistinguishable in quality from each other as they go on and age. But there is a wide difference in primer quality. Poor quality primer (or the wrong kind of primer) is more likely to ruin a job than any issue with paint. Primer is also where some people are most likely to cut corners, cheap out and regret it.

Masking Tape Really Matters

Should you mask that edge or cut in with a brush? That’s always the question, but the answer is changing. Advances in masking tape are the reason why. Until 10 years ago, the tape industry was in a race for the bottom as far as price and quality of masking tape goes. As soon as one company had the nerve to create a tape that was expensive enough to work well, others followed suit. Now hardware store shelves have two types of paint-related tape. So-called “masking tapes” are cheap, but don’t actually keep paint from creeping underneath. Tapes that work well for masking are typically called “painter’s tapes,” they cost more, but they work great. At least if they’re applied properly, that is. The trick is to seal critical edges by pressing with a putty knife or credit card. You can apply as much pressure as you like with your finger, but it won’t create a reliable seal.”

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