The New Year is the perfect time for a change, whether it’s a change in diet, hairstyle, or more importantly, a change of scenery. It is time to amp up your 2017 and get ahead of the interior design trends with a decorative paint job. A statement wall will not only follow the rules of painting, but will leave you with endless opportunities to make a unique statement in your home.

A mural is the perfect way to add some glamour and creativity to your walls. Whether it be a wicked abstract paint job, or a wallpapered masterpiece to lose yourself in, it will most certainly be the centre of attention in your home. Some of the most wanted mural styles this year are:

Bold Botanicals 

Floral prints never go out of style, but this trend emphasizes bold and     dramatic. Think dark backgrounds and oversized patterns.


Make any room shimmer by adding some glitz. No matter how you use it, gold, bronze, and silver give a luxurious look to any setting.

Colouring Wallpaper

No longer do your walls need to act simply as a backdrop. Colouring wallpaper lets them take centre stage, and it’s great for kids and adults alike.


Exposed brick, weathered wood, and smooth agate – these beautiful textures are all found in nature, and give off a homey feel. Skip the hassle of the real materials, and use easy-to-install wall murals instead!

Be a trendsetter with your personalized paint job through the help of Flying Colours and their expertise in decorative painting and wallpaper installation!