We’ve gone over the picture-perfect bedroom design trends that are sure to get you a spot in the world of Instagram, but what’s the next hottest place to snap a selfie? Commercial businesses (specifically restaurants) are THE perfect spot for the perfect photo! We’ve nailed down the basics for your business’s interior design masterpiece:

PAINT: Since the theme of a business can vary so much, so can the paint rules. It is safe to say you have some serious freedom when it comes to how you want to paint your space. That to say, if you are going for the picture-perfect backdrop for your customers, it’s best to go as big and bold as you can! We recommend a mural wall; something that will be a unique backdrop for any picture… Think quirky wallpaper or a graphic art piece that will make your business distinguishable from any others.


Neon: No picture is complete without the neon sign in the back. You need something flashy, with a saying that will somehow resonate in the mind of all viewers.

Patterned floor: Barely anyone thinks to look at the floor when decorating, but really it’s the floor that will tie your unique space together… Also perfect for those “check out my new shoes” pics. Think marble or coloured tiles.

Mood lighting: Think strategically when choosing the lighting; dark and mysterious can add some serious atmosphere to your space


Epic cocktails (If applicable): If we are talking about a restaurant’s interior design, be sure to have some wicked cocktails

on the menu that will make an appearance in all pictures…Think stacked Bloody Mary with a hamburger garnish, or the most tropical drink umbrellas you can find.

Swag: It’s nice to have something memorable your clientele can take away with them that represents your company…even if it’s just a silly button or fridge magnet. Keep in line with your brand and with your aesthetics.

If you’re opening, or re-decorating your commercial space be sure to take in these interior design tips to have those avid selfie takers lined up around the block. For your painting needs contact Flying Colours Painting to get the job well done.