It seems nowadays everyone is on a daily search for that perfect shot, the shot that is so Insta-worthy (Instagram) that those triple digit likes will just pile in. Whether you stumble into some perfect lighting, or that steaming bowl of ramen has never looked so good, you just have to post…the hunt is never over. After doing quite some research on the most “Insta-worthy” interior design trends, we have fabricated (in the simplest of forms) the most picture-perfect bedroom that nobody could resist snapping a shot of…you won’t even need a filter.

PAINT: White walls are the first step to your Insta-worthy bedroom. Why white you ask? The most common trend we’ve been hearing about, not just in the interior design world, but in overall lifestyle trends, is minimalism. The onslaught of white walls has become, quite literally, the perfect backdrop for your bedroom portrait. These bright, white walls allow for any coloured details you want (we’ll get to those later) and add an air of sophistication, as well as some technical benefits. White walls not only open up smaller spaces, but they are great for lighting (hint hint INSTA-worthy).


Black- Black is the top-colour trend for our all white rooms. It adds some mystery and keeps to our theme of minimalism through the use of shades. If one must add coloured accents, stay neutral… maybe a nice tan or pastel pink?

Brick- Who doesn’t want a brick wall in their room? If you are lucky enough to have a brick accent wall, play it up, maybe even paint it white?

Shag- The best accent for any Insta-worthy room will be the shag carpet. Find the fluffiest, whitest shag carpet and place it hazardously in the pic.


Twinkle lights- to ensure those triple digit likes you are going to need some sparkle. Those white Christmas lights you string around your bed frame will be sure to complete the overall atmosphere you are seeking and add some interesting light options.

Succulents- Greenery is always good, preferably spiky little cactuses or moss designs. These obscure little plants are the on the rise for popularity and are extremely low maintenance to take care of.

Electronic Device- Last but not least, to top off your Insta-worthy bedroom be sure to strategically place your laptop, smartphone or polaroid camera on your bed to let everyone know you are a creative, up-to-date individual. Tips for devices: If the back is facing the camera be sure to put on a white marble case (if applicable). If the screen is facing the camera be sure to be playing an album with wicked cover art so everyone can see your great taste in music (if applicable).

Take it from us, with these simple steps your room will be transformed into a Instagram masterpiece, and will become the go-to spot for all your friend’s selfies. Have Flying Colours Painting, your paint experts help you become #InstaFamous with a gorgeous paint job.