Prepping Your Home For Sale

Moving is an inevitable part of life, whether it be a change in the economy, change of environment/scenery, upgrading or even downsizing. Many people move because of jobs, being willing to go where the work is, no matter what, everyone moves at least once!

If you find yourself looking to move, you will likely need to prepare the home. Make a good first impression! Make sure that the interior and exterior of the property is presentable for prospective buyers or renters.

Re-Painting Your House
When people come to look at the property, the condition of the exterior paint on the house makes a big impression. How appealing your home looks on the outside makes a huge impact on how eager a buyer is to continue to see what the rest has to offer. People will do a drive by before deciding to call about a property, hence why painting and landscaping are two of the keys to adding to the appeal.

House Painting
First, patching up is nearly impossible, unfortunately. UV rays, wind, rain, leaks, etc., will alter and the color. Even if you’re using the exact same color of paint you did originally, it will look different from the existing areas.

When painting, it’s best to repaint the whole wall unless it’s been about a year or less since you painted. This avoids any patchwork looking paint areas.

Professional painters save homeowners the headache and lost time that do-it-yourself home improvement projects can create. They can get you the highest quality of job and paint at competitive prices as well professional results in a timely fashion!