As painting experts, we always highly suggest to our clients to sample their paint colour before committing. Sampling a paint colour is more than looking at tiny different coloured squares up against your wall, it’s a process in itself, and a very important one at that. Sample your paint the right way to get the best results that you will fall in love with:

Paint on the wall: Using sample cards or painting on boards will not give you the exact effect you need to determine the colour. The textures will be different and the paint will saturate differently on those materials. Your best bet is to paint large squares side by side to properly envision the colour. Painting directly on the wall is also very important if you are not painting from a white background, as different background colours will create different effects with top colours.

Test two coats: For your sample spots, you want to put as much painting prep in as you would the whole wall. If you are testing bright colours, use a primer to get the whole effect, as well as painting multiple coats of a lighter shade.

Test lighting: Paint colours change throughout the day, depending on the natural lighting, or if you have artificial lighting. If you are painting in a less-lit room, set up your lighting with your samples to view the colours against the artificial light. Same thing goes for natural lights; as the sun sets, your room may illuminate differently with the colourful light outside.

Know your colour to perfection before committing to a whole room paint job. This will save you time and disappointment in the future and truly make you fall in love with your room! For your painting job contact Flying Colours Paint, your painting experts.