Accent walls are a consistently popular trend in the world of home decorating; and understandably so. They are an easy and cost-friendly way to bring new life to a tired and one-dimensional room. Without fully committing to a new room colour or investing in costly re-decorating, accent walls make a big impact on the look of a home.

Accent, or focal walls, direct focus and attention to one area of a room and spice up a lifeless space. They are often best used on walls where there are no interruptions – such as windows or doors. The biggest wall or first wall that you see in a room is not necessarily the best wall to use as your focal point. Be sure to speak to an interior decorator or to your home painter about what wall is best suited for a new splash of colour.

Another tip to follow when thinking about accent walls is to avoid using shared walls. Shared walls are often seen in open-concept houses, yet can be quite distracting and confusing to the eye as the focal point. Also, rather than creating a brand new focal point in a room, use an accent wall to accentuate a space that already exists – such as prominent furniture pieces, paintings or fireplaces.

When considering the colour of your accent wall, it is often best practise to use a paint colour that is darker than the existing shades in the room. It requires a trained eye for decor to identify a lighter colour that in fact compliments a room.  Worried about choosing the right colour? One foolproof move is to use the same colour as the existing walls, just 2 or 3 shades darker – you can’t go wrong. This will also eliminate the need to buy new decor, as it will already match the colour scheme of the room.

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