When it comes to designing a room there are many things that go into making decisions, but ultimately it comes down to determining what the overall vision for the space is and figuring out the best way to execute it.

It’s also important to decide whether you’ll be using paint, wall paper or a combination of both throughout the room. Wallpaper was traditionally viewed by some as only suitable for a particular demographic, however the many new wallpaper offerings that exist have turned that notion on it’s head. Here are some of the benefits of using wallpaper to take the design of a space to the next level:

“1. Wallpapers come in a wide array of textures. Do you want something that has a satiny finish? A glossy one? Or something that feels like canvass? Another good thing about wallpapers is that it also is available in various thicknesses that complement your type of texture.

2.  Contemporary wallpapers are extremely durable and will definitely last for a long period of time.  The makers of such essentials have developed new techniques and have incorporated sturdy materials to guarantee this promise.

3.   Wallpapers come in a wide array of patterns. If you are someone who is into nature, why not choose something that has floral prints or patterns? Or if you prefer a more classic look, why not choose a pattern that is akin to that of marble or anything else closer to your preference? The good thing about wallpapers is that you are instantly presented with tangible patterns that you can choose from; so it makes it easier for you to decide which one to go for.”

Whatever type of wallpaper you decide to use, consider having it professionally installed by an Ottawa painting professional. They will ensure that it looks seamless, ensures the space has the right look and feel and will save you time and any clean up efforts.