Closeup of an old window sill with paint peeling and flaking off

Paint is a wonderful and vibrant way to add some colour to your home or business space; the right colour choices can positively affect mood and productivity, however the wrong paint selection (especially ones that are lead based) can can cause health and safety issues.

“Although lead-based paint is off the market, millions of homes still have it on the walls. As long as it’s in good condition, it probably isn’t a hazard. But scraping and sanding changes that, creating dust that can be very harmful. Because of these dangers, in 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency issued the Renovation, Repair and Painting (or “RRP”) Rule, which requires contractors working in pre-1978 homes to be lead-safe certified and use special work practices to contain and clean up dust.”

These particular laws are applicable to the United States however we have similar laws here in Canada as well. If you live or work in an older space and feel that the paint that is on the wall may be lead based and you want to change the colour or apply wall paper/wall coverings make sure you consult with an Ottawa painting professional first. At Flying Colours we ensure that we do thorough assessments and take all necessary precautions when dealing with all paint.