Faux Painting is a specialty at Flying Colours, and we are always looking for new techniques and styles to show our clients! Faux painting requires a special  brush technique to create the illusion of texture and/or different materials on your walls. There are various styles you can choose for design inspirations, from rustic to modern finishes. Check out these cool faux painting technique options:

Venetian Plaster: The modern version of Venetian plaster has a multidimensional look featuring a textured, slightly raised surface that is the result of two or more layers.

Metallic Paint: If you want to give your walls a shimmering look, a metallic paint or glaze is the way to go. The walls will sparkle when light hits it.

Manda Mud

Manda Mud: Manda Mudd offers a product it calls a premium plaster wall finish that gives walls a deep color and a three-dimensional texture.

Texture Sand: At one time painters added silica sand to paint to give it texture; the tiny sand granules reflect light, giving the wall the appearance of depth.

These faux painting techniques can give your walls that extra attention to detail they need. To get this awesome paint job done contact Flying Colours Paint, your painting experts!