Faux painting is a decorative technique that recreates various materials and textures using paint. It is called faux because the method of painting produces a false impression that the painted surface is really a different finish such as wood or marble. Faux painting is also commonly referred to as faux finishing or decorative painting.

There are many different faux painting methods, products and tools that can be used to imitate a variety of materials. Plasters and glazes are two of the most popular products used to enhance the look of paint, while some of the most important tools in a faux painter’s kit include sponges, stencils and trowels.

Faux painting can be applied to entire rooms, one accent wall, or other accents such as doors, trim, ceilings or backsplashes. The appeal of faux painting is often cost-related: the price of hiring a professional painter and purchasing supplies is still significantly less than the price of real marble, for example, which would also require an expensive installation fee.

Another benefit of faux finishing is the ability to achieve the look of a certain material that would not be practical in its true form. For instance, fabric walls would not stand up well in a kitchen but a faux leather or linen paint finish may be the perfect solution.

Some of the most popular faux finishes include:


There are so many different types of wood, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent look throughout your home. A faux wood paint finish can be used to make almost any surface match an existing piece of furniture or your floors. Faux wood also eliminates worries about scratches or nicks which are common problems with real wood surfaces.



Marble, bricks and concrete are all used for interior design, however, these materials may be too heavy for many areas of your home making faux painting a great option. Faux painted stone also requires less long-term commitment than the real thing as it can easily be painted over.




Adhering fabric to your walls would be impractical for many reasons, but the aesthetic appeal of rich fabrics like linen, leather and silk is undeniable. Faux painting provides the best of both worlds by giving you the look of delicate fabrics with the durability of paint.




You may think gilded walls are reserved for royalty, but a metallic faux finished wall can actually be very budget-friendly. Whether you are looking for copper, gold or tin to match your home’s decor, the effect can be achieved at a much lower cost with faux painting.


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