Abstract creativity concept: group of tin metal cans with color paint dye

We’re all more alike than we are different, however the things that separate us are also what make us unique. Take paint for instance; the role of all paint is the same (to cover a wall/object), yet the way in which you can do it and the amount of different colours from which to choose from can make each particular paint project its own special experience.

The colour that you happen to choose for a particular painting project not only says a lot about your interior decorating sensibility, but it can also offer insight into who you are.


You have a soft, soothing, and compassionate demeanor. Blue represents tranquility, calm and security. If you are drawn to blue hues, you probably view your home as an oasis of calm in a hectic world. You may also be a bit of an introvert, and enjoy staying in with a cool shade on the wall. Blues like High Dive also impart a note of self-confidence, which is quite fitting given the name. You like to be admired for your steady character and wisdom.


You are a practical, down-to-earth person. As lighter shades of green like Bermuda Grass symbolize renewal and harmony, it is not surprising that you actively try to maintain a peaceful balance within your home and life. You are often the go-to for advice, and you thrive off of helping others. After a busy day, green lovers prefer to use their homes as the setting for calm activities, like reading or yoga.


You are warm, passionate and ready to take on the world. As red traditionally connotes power and drive, colours like Intrigue and Red My Mind are often chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive – or someone who would like to be! Red people usually can’t stand monotony and therefore embrace change with open arms and ruby hues. Red paint is usually chosen by people with a zest for life! The intensity of your room definitely pushes you to embrace your fiery personality.

Burnt Orange

If you gravitate towards warm orangey reds, your personality radiates energy, enthusiasm and vitality. People who use such warm tones in their homes tend to be exceptionally friendly and nurturing—they love having others over. You are a social butterfly and you rarely stay in, but you loving the warm feeling of coming home to a color like Kalahari Sunset. Though you can be a little fickle and indecisive, on the whole you try hard to be agreeable. Orange is the colour of fearlessness and curiosity.”

There are so many different colours out there to choose from and sometimes it can be an overwhelming process deciding on the best choice for particular rooms in your home/business. Let Flying Colours Precision Home Painting use their expertise to bring colour into your Ottawa home.