About Flying Colours

We Are Your Ottawa Painting Experts. All We Do Is Paint.


Flying Colours Ottawa painters has provided quality exterior painting services since 2013.

We provide painting solutions that produce stunning, long-lasting results because we use the highest-quality primers and paints.

Our exterior painting services include:

Preparation work

  • Scraping and sanding all paint that is loose or peeling
  • Spot priming of all bare surfaces
  • Washing or pressure-washing chalky and mildewed areas
  • Caulking windows and door frames with acrylic siliconized caulking
  • Sanding glossy existing paint to help the new paint adhere better
  • Removing and masking hardware
  • Spot-priming rusted metal


  • Applying one or two coats of the specified quality paint, taking care to protect adjacent areas.


  • Keeping the area relatively clean every day by removing paint chips and taking away garbage.


  • Inspecting the painted area with you after the job is finished. A completion and feedback form is then filled and signed.

Why Work With Flying Colours Painters Ottawa?

Our reputation for quality and professional painting makes us proud. A hard-working and professional team of painters assures a high standard of workmanship on all of our jobs. Customer satisfaction has always been and always will be our very first priority