Paint Manufacturers

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Paint Manufacturers

Here are some of the top paint brands available today.

Flying Colours Ottawa painting offers a wide range of paint from a variety of leading manufacturers. We will use the brand of your preference, if you have one, or we will recommend what we know will be the highest-quality paint for your specific job.

Benjamin Moore

The main reason that Benjamin Moore manufactures paints of exceptionally high quality is that the company formulates and makes its own resins and pigments. The resins are the binders that create a paint’s finish and film and the pigments give the paint not only it colour, but its ability to hide the surface to which it’s applied.

By combining proprietary ingredients in custom formulas, Benjamin Moore crafts paints designed for specific benefits and specific roles. But they all offer superior performance and long life.


Behr has grown from being a small, family-owned business to its present status as one of the leaders in the industry because the brand is known for unsurpassed quality, performance, and value.

While building upon its history of high quality, Behr has constantly improved its products through a commitment to research and development through changing technology and fast response to the needs of its customers. Behr’s team of experienced people continually evaluate and develop new materials and technologies to create better products and more streamlined processes.

Pratt and Lambert

Pratt & Lambert has been an industry leader in quality and innovation since the company was founded in 1849. Architects, consumers, contractors, designers, and painting companies have all come to rely on Pratt & Lambert as one of the finest paint brands and as a distinguished color leader.

Pratt & Lambert never compromises on quality in its many coatings and paint products that are used to beautify homes and businesses around the globe. The company is also committed to developing products that have less impact on the environment, by reducing pollution and energy use, managing waste, and minimizing emissions.

Pratt & Lambert achieves those goals in many ways, including recycling, the reduction of solid waste, and the use of energy-efficient lighting and utility operation in its manufacturing processes; incorporating renewable or sustainable raw materials such as soy and sunflowers oils in the formulation of paints; the use of biodiesel fuel in company trucks; educating consumers on how to select top-quality coatings to minimize repainting and to reduce waste and emissions; and a recycling program for 5-gallon plastic pails.


Glidden paint is set apart by its program of extensive laboratory testing, which ensures that their paints are durable and practical as well as great looking. Its formulations make painting easy and offer exceptional coat coverage, reducing the amount of time required for a job. They’re also extremely durable, able to stand up to a thousand scrubbings with scouring paste. Soap and water can remove even tough stains. Glidden paints stand up to chipping and peeling, even on difficult surfaces, and they have high rub resistance.

It’s no wonder that 97% of the people who use Glidden paint would recommend it to a friend.


The Sherwin-Williams Company is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States because of its dedication to quality and innovation. That dedication began in 1866, when Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams joined forces to found the company.

Sherwin-Williams offers a wide variety of coatings, paints, and painting supplies to refresh and renovate your home or business.



PPG Pittsburgh® Paints has focused on developing high-quality paint and painting products since the company began manufacturing paint in 1900. According to a major product survey, PPG Pittsburgh® Paints is ranked second nationally in consumer awareness among dealer-distributed brands. Its broad line-up of products in a wide range of price and quality offerings is sold at more than 250 company-owned stores and through an independent dealer network of 2,500 locations.

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