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Episode 1

Flying Colours Group In the Trenches Preview

Episode 2

Ads in Social Media

Episode 3 – How to be happy series

Anger and Resentments



Having a Safe, Cool Space

Dump the Negative People

Being Pro-Active

Episode 4 – Roundtable

Flying Colours Production of In The Trenches Roundtable #1

Episode 5 – The Shin-Fu

Episode #5 – Shin Fu

Episode 6

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

Episode 7

What is a “Master Business Plan”, and why should I care

Episode 7

Slow down to Speed Up!

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Our reputation for quality and professional painting makes us proud. A hard-working and professional team of painters assures a high standard of workmanship on all of our jobs. Customer satisfaction has always been and always will be our very first priority