Paint Applicators

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Paint Applicators

There are many different types of paint to choose from.

There are many different paint applicators on the market today; from paint brushes to rollers. Depending on the type of applicator you pick for your painting job, you will achieve a different result. Learn about the various applicators, and choose the appropriate painting tool that is best suited for your painting project.

Paint Brushes

The typical paint brushes will perform reasonably well with all types of coatings, no matter what the brand. However, there are special types of paint brushes designed for specific purposes or types of paint.

  •  Nylon/Polyester Professional Brushes have the perfect flex and taper to produce even coverage and their exceptional capacity for paint leads to fast results. These brushes are custom blended for the highest levels of performance.
  • Extra-Firm Nylon/Polyester Professional Brushesprovide exceptional paint capacity for fast results they and maintain a sharp edge for superior control, even in hot or humid conditions. The customized blend results in superior performance, and the extra stiffness produces a strong touch.
  • China Bristle Professional Brushes virtually eliminate brush marks because of their naturally soft tips. These custom-formulated brushes are recommended for all oil-based coatings, especially for use interior woodwork or marine applications.
  • Soft Nylon/Polyester Professional Brushes have extra flex because of their unique formulation. The have excellent capacity for paint and they result in smooth application with fewer brush marks. They can be used with all paints.
  • Chinex® Professional Brushes create a smooth finish, retain their stiffness because of low moisture absorption, and are easy to clean up. They are made with DuPont® synthetic bristles and they offer outstanding capacity for fast results.
  • 100% Polyester Professional Brushes virtually eliminate brush marks and provide superior smoothness because of their chemically-tipped filaments. They have excellent paint capacity, leading to fast results.

Paint Rollers

Paint Rollers are used to paint large flat surfaces rapidly and efficiently. The roller is usually made of two parts, a roller cover that absorbs the paint and applies it to the surface being painted, and a roller frame that’s attached to the cover. The roller cover is usually disposed of after use, although it can be cleaned and reused. The roller frame is reusable.

Paint Sprayer

Paint Sprayers are used to spray paint, ink, varnish, or other coatings onto a surface, using a compressed gas—usually air. The basic principle is the same as with airbrushes, but airbrushes are used for detail work, such as painting nails or retouching photos, while spray guns are used to coat large surfaces. They can be hand-held or automatically operated and they come with interchangeable heads that have different spray patterns. Aerosol paints cans are readily available in department stores and even some large supermarkets.

Foam Brushes

Foam Brushes make it easier to control where the paint is applied than ordinary bristle brushes, and they eliminate much of the brush-stroke appearance on a corner or piece of moulding.

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