Did you know the average Canadian will spend upwards of 16,000 hours inside a classroom from kindergarten to twelfth grade? That’s almost two full years and that does not even include postsecondary education! Clearly, to say we spend a lot of time inside a classroom is an understatement. It is more important than ever for educators to work together to make the classroom environment a great learning environment for students. The classroom paint colours chosen for any given space have a lasting effect on students, their attitudes and their capacity to learn. Our team is here today to emphasize why classroom paint colours are a choice that cannot be taken lightly.

Choosing Classroom Paint Colours

According to Randy Fielding, founder of DesignShare.com, “We know that colour is one of the key elements in a stimulus-rich learning environment.” While most schools still tend to sport the white-washed block walls and grey floors of their origin, it is crucial for students’ learning to use a well-planned colour palette in their learning space. Fielding believes that offering a “well-planned palette” with a “broad range of colours” is the best course of action when it comes to classroom paint colours. Including serene blue or green shades with more stimulating accents of red, oranges and yellows creates a “dynamic sense of place.”

Benjamin Moore’s website is a great tool for browsing classroom paint colours options. At Sea is a gentle blue that calms and is gentle on the eyes. Sun Porch is a very stimulating shade of yellow to add a “pop” to your space and keep it fun.

How Students Benefit from Classroom Paint Colours

Specialists disclose that a mindful choice in classroom paint colours supports healthy learning for students. More serene colours reduce eye strain and headaches for some students while lighter tones promote focus for others.

Finally, Fielding believes that incorporating a variety of colours and colour intensity is the key to a supportive classroom. There are no specific colours that work better in a classroom than others. Instead, the main path to success is diversity in colours, patterns and shades.

Are you a teacher, educator or principal looking to transform your classroom? Contact our team today for a painting quote. Above all, we would love to help support students to be the best they can be and wish all students young and old a great school year!

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